Jeep JK - Repair Tips

This is a collection of tips I've learned over many years of disasembling, repairing, and building JK's.

Early Engine Issues

The early JKs 2007-11 had the 3.8L V6 engine which has a couple of known issues, the most well known is the excesive oil consumption. 


Brake Lock Up Issues

We have found in a couple of instances where the brake calipers will apper to be stuck and can cause the JK to drift or brake in an abnormal way.  When removing these calipers they can be hard to remove and trying to push the piston into the caliper very difficult.  If this is the case then there is a chance that the brake line has actually swollen and caused this issue.  It happens in the area of the brake line that goes through brack that bolts under the coil spring mount.  What happens is when they crimp this bracket they end up narrowing the passage and over time the rubber expands and closes the area off.  In the example below we could not blow air through the section of hose with the bracket but both other ends could have air blown through them.